Name Disc Necklace ( 1/2" Disc)

Keep your loved ones close with our family name necklace.  Created by stamping each individual letter into your choice of metal: sterling silver, gold fill or rose gold fill. The perfect 1/2" discs to showcase your loved ones.  

 We can fit up to 5 characters on each disc going straight across.  If you have more than 5 characters, we will curve the name along the bottom of the disc (for a cohesive look we will do that with all discs in your order.)

The font we use for this necklace is all lowercase typewriter (as shown in the photos).  

This necklace makes a great layering piece with other necklaces, or the perfect stand alone statement piece!



- 1/2" discs in sterling, gold fill or rose gold fill

- 16", 18", 20" or 24" chain

- up to 5 characters handstamped on each disc across, or up to 11 characters stamped along the bottom curve

- lowercase typewriter font

- gift box included


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Enjoy your necklace from Silverado Jewelry!