Red Awareness Bangle Bracelet

This red awareness ribbon bangle bracelet is the perfect way to show your support for a special cause.  Our bangle bracelet is adjustable by pushing the center bars together, you can expand it to a bigger size and pushing the bars apart will adjust it to a smaller size.  The 3 components that make up this elegant bracelet are a red-ribbon charm, red Swarovski crystal, and a hope charm.

 Show your support with this dignified piece that makes a statement. This bracelet can give a helping hand in supporting the following causes:

Heart Disease, HIV, AIDS, Aperts Syndrome, Marfan Syndrome, Poland Syndrome, SVT, RSD, Evans Syndrome, Tuberculosis, Hemophilia, Von Will brand's disease, and many others. This bracelet makes a great remembrance gift, a gift for a survivor or someone who is currently fighting the fight.

Other Awareness Jewelry

-Swarovski Crystal
-Ribbon Charm
-Hope Charm
-Gift Box Included


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Enjoy your bracelet from Silverado Jewelry!