God is Greater Than the Highs and the Lows Leather Bracelet

God is Greater than the Highs and Lows adjustable leather bracelet is the perfect Christian item which makes a perfect gift for men and women of all ages.  This item is a great gift to celebrate First Communion, Confirmation or as a milestone gift.   

Our leather bracelet is now a part of our faith collection.  The God is Greater than the Highs and the Lows symbol represents the notion to put god above everything else along with the ups and downs life throws at us. This inspiring piece can be worn on your wrist for all the world to behold your devotion and loyalty to God and always remain a constant reminder of your faithful journey. 

This is a great gift for men and women and popular with boys and girls wanting to express their faith. Our Christian piece comes in black leather with a nickel plate or brown leather with a brass plate.

Packaged in a beautiful gift box which makes our bracelet the perfect gift for First Communion and Confirmation Mother/Father’s Day, Christmas, a Birthday for him or her, or a gift to yourself!

We custom make each engraved bracelet from start to finish by cutting the leather, securing snaps and securing the plate to the leather bracelet.

-Brown Leather/Brass Plate OR Black Leather/Silver Plate
-1/2" Malleable Leather Strap
-Multiple Sizes Available
-G>∧∨ symbol      


Step 1: 
Select the color of bracelet you would like. The brown leather option comes with a brass plate and snaps. The black leather option comes with a silver plate and snaps.

Step 2:
Select the length of bracelet you would like to order.  This bracelet comes in sizes 6,7, 8, 9, and 10


-Take a tape measure and wrap it comfortably around the wrist the bracelet will be worn on.
-Note the number at the point where the tape meets the zero (inches). This is the wrist size.
-Add 0.5 inches to the wrist size to determine the bracelet size.
-Select a size from the options above.


Enjoy your bracelet from Silverado Jewelry!