My Silverado Perks

Receive cash back on every purchase! Exclusive discounts! Free shipping!

Get started today and join My Silverado Perks!

Our rewards program is simple, and designed for you. The best part? It's entirely free. Just pure savings. Try it out for yourself! You'll be happy you did.

How Perks Works

'Perk Points' is your Rewards Currency for Silverado Jewelry. The more Perk Points you get, the more perks like discounts, cash back, and free shipping you can redeem through discount codes! Yes- free money!

To earn maximum Perk Points, enroll in the program now by Signing Up here! You'll get 5 Perk Points just for joining!

How You Earn Perk Points

Earn Perk Points by shopping and completing the tasks in the Perks Launcher:

  • First, create your free My Silverado Perks account (and be awarded 5 Perk Points!).
Once you're enrolled, explore other opportunities to earn and save:
  • Follow us on Instagram (5 Perk Points)
  • Like us on Facebook (5 Perk Points)
  • Share us on Facebook (5 Perk Points)
  • Celebrate your birthday (10 Perk Points)
  • Shop during a Bonus Points Event (Point Values are Multiplied)

Also earn by Shopping with Silverado!

  • $1 spent = 1 Perk Point earned! The sky is the limit for savings. Points are added every time you checkout!

How You Redeem Perk Points

Redeem your Perk Points to receive discount codes from Silverado! Apply them at checkout, and the savings are yours! You've earned it.

Here's what you can redeem:

  • $15 Off Coupon! (450 Perk Points)
  • $10 Off Coupon! (300 Perk Points)
  • $5 Off Coupon! (150 Perk Points)
  • Free Shipping! (150 Perk Points)

Just like we said. Simple savings you can use today as a My Silverado Perks member.

Get Cash Back for Referring a Friend!

Silverado Jewelry believes sharing is caring- so we reward you for it! After you make a purchase, you can decide to opt into out Referral Program.

The program is simple:

  1. You accept a $5 referral code to share
  2. You share the $5 referral code with a friend
  3. They use it at checkout and get $5 off their purchase...
  4. In return, you get a $5 discount code towards your next purchase!
Let the power of friendship work for you, and start referring your friends to Silverado Jewelry today!


Hopefully you can see why Silverado Customers love the Perk Points program. If you have any questions about the program, however, feel free to contact us.


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